Pemodelan Numerik Kekuatan Pintu Air Baja

The Numerical Model Of The Steel Flood Gate Strength

  • Fitriansyah Fitriansyah Universitas Achmad Yani Banjarmasin
  • Miftahul Iman Universitas Borneo Tarakan
  • Aminullah Aminullah Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Kalimantan Selatan
Keywords: baja, korosi, lubang, pintu air, tegangan


The intake building for Embung Sei Bubu had been designed to be an open channel with the flood gate. The flood gate had been designed from steel with a net width of 1.35 m and the height of the door opening is 0.0076 m. The corrosion is one of the hazardous threat to the strengthness and durability of the flood gate. This research numerically models flood gate that was attacked by pitting corrosion. The pitting corrosion had been modelled in several small holes randomly were distributed on the surface of the flood gate, precisely on the surface of the water.  The numerical modeling had been performed in finite element method utilized computer programs such Abaqus. The results showed there was a reduction in the capacity of the steel flood gate due the hole increasing. The reduction in stress capacity had been indicated by the stress concentration that was occured around the pitting corrosion. The stress reduction occured with the change in the percentage of pitting corrosion distribution area of ​​10% (225 MPa), 20% (175 MPa) and 30% (120 MPa)


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Author Biographies

Fitriansyah Fitriansyah, Universitas Achmad Yani Banjarmasin

Lecturer of Civil Engineering, Universitas Achmad Yani Banjarmasin

Miftahul Iman, Universitas Borneo Tarakan

Lecturer of Civil Engineering, Universitas Borneo Tarakan

Aminullah Aminullah, Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Kalimantan Selatan

Lecturer of Civil Engineering, Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Kalimantan Selatan


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