Informed Consent Policy

Informed consent should be obtained from each participant for each article published in the Jurnal Surya Medika (JSM) involving human subjects. The informed consent shall consist of written permission granted by the patient or the relative of the patient on his/her behalf to publish any information, image, or case report relating to the clinical condition of the patient. The informed consent and confidentiality policies are consistent with all relevant data/privacy protection regulations in Indonesia.

The contents of the patient consent form should be adjusted in accordance with the local regulations in which the study was conducted. In the main text of the manuscript, the author must indicate whether informed consent has been obtained, including consent to the publication of a patient enrolled in the study. In some circumstances, the requirements for informed consent may be exempted from studies.

All identifiers, including but not limited to names, initials, dates of birth, medical records, must be removed from the patient's data or information published in the manuscript. On submitted and published manuscripts, the patient's face must be blurred or, where applicable, the patient's eyes covered with black bars.

The absence of a patient consent form for an appropriate study will result in the rejection of the submission.