Accepted manuscripts for Borneo Journal of Pharmacy Vol 6 No 1 February 2023:


  1. Susanty A, Febrina M, Putri DS, Ikhtiarudin I, Wahyuni, FS Dachriyanus. Cytotoxic Activity of Ethyl Acetate Extract from Voacanga foetida (Bl.) Rolfe Leaves Against T47D Breast Cancer Cells. Borneo J Pharm. 2023;6(1).
  2. Putri CA, Hayati F, Chabib L, Pangestu MI. Acute Toxicity of Self-Nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System of Ipomoea reptans Poir Leaves Extract on Female Wistar Rats. Borneo J Pharm. 2023;6(1).


  1. Zinchenko V, Serebryanaya FK. Morphological and Micromorphological Investigations of Bidens frondosa L. from Flora of Krasnodar Region, Russia. Borneo J Pharm. 2023;6(1).
  2. Triadisti N, Zamzani I. Column Chromatography Fractionation and Antioxidant Activity of Passiflora foetida Leaves. Borneo J Pharm. 2023;6(1).
  3. Apridamayanti P, Sari R. Chemical Screening and Antioxidant Activity of Ethyl Acetate Fraction and Residue from Lansium domesticum Ethanolic Extract. Borneo J Pharm. 2023;6(1).


  1. Araya A, Arias D, Coto K, López MR, Rivera J, Mora JJ. Antisense Oligonucleotides: Concepts and Pharmaceutical Applications. Borneo J Pharm. 2023;6(1).

Analytical Pharmacy-Medicinal Chemistry

  1. Ugbe FA, Shallangwa GA, Uzairu A, Abdulkadir I. Molecular Docking Investigation, Pharmacokinetic Analysis, and Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Some Benzoxaborole-Benzimidazole Hybrids: An Approach to Identifying Superior Onchocerca Inhibitors. Borneo J Pharm. 2023;6(1).

Clinical-Community Pharmacy

  1. Fandinata SS, Darmawan R, Ulfa NM, Putra DA. Changes in Mean Arterial and Blood Pressure in Using Nicardipine in Hypertensive Crisis Patients at the Hajj General Hospital Surabaya from August to December 2021. Borneo J Pharm. 2023;6(1).
  2. Siahaan M, Nasution A, Wiryanto, Iksen. Association between Drug-Related Problems and Blood Pressure of Hypertensive Patients Admitted to Universitas Sumatera Utara Hospital. Borneo J Pharm. 2023;6(1).

Management Pharmacy

  1. Kandi V, Vadakedath S, Addanki PS, Godishala V, Pinnelli VB. Clinical Trials: The Role of Regulatory Agencies, Pharmacovigilance Laws, Guidelines, Risk Management, Patenting, and Publicizing Results. Borneo J Pharm. 2023;6(1).

All articles will be officially published at the end of February 2023.